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Bring your Daewoo Musso to Whites of Lincoln for regular servicing and reap the benefits.

We have servicing options for all ages of Musso, whether yours is still under warranty or a bit further along the road. You can choose from a Basic or a Full Service and we’d suggest that you alternate between those every 12 months/12,000 miles to ensure that your Musso remains in optimum condition. Our Daewoo Musso servicing goes far beyond any main dealer service (and will cost you a lot less), and with the experience and expertise of our technicians, it really is the obvious choice for Musso servicing in North Hykeham.



Service Includes:

  • Check for body damage
  • Check exterior lamps for damage and security
  • Check exterior mirrors for damage and security
  • Check screen for damage and stone chips
  • Check number plates (fitment and condition)
  • Check fuel cap/flap sealing and security
  • Road Test. Check for suspension/steering noise, brake noise or judder and for pulling to one side
  • Check clutch bite point and gearbox operation
  • Locate locking wheel removal key where fitted
  • Cambelt replacement interval
  • Check customer comments and requests
  • Check for warning lights displayed on instrument panel
  • Check all interior switch functions
  • Check the front screen wash wiper working correctly
  • Check the rear screen wash wiper working correctly (if fitted)
  • Check all interior lights working correctly
  • Check all exterior lights working correctly
  • Check horn working correctly
  • Check air conditioning working (if fitted)
  • Check handbrake / park brake operation and travel
  • Check auxillary belts
  • Check 12V battery condition and security. Test battery and test charging
  • Test and top up brake fluid
  • Check and top up clutch fluid
  • Test and top up antifreeze
  • Check and top up screenwash
  • Check for coolant leaks under bonnet
  • Check for oil leaks under bonnet
  • Visually inspect igniton coils and HT leads where applicable
  • Check bonnet release and cable operation and lubricate if required
  • Check bonnet struts or stay
  • Check door and boot operation
  • Check AdBlue & top up if required (diesel models only)
  • Check front tyre sizes
  • Nearside front tyre & wheel
  • Offside front tyre & wheel
  • Check rear tyre sizes (if different from front)
  • Nearside rear tyre & wheel
  • Offside rear tyre & wheel
  • Spare tyre & wheel/inflation kit
  • Tyre pressures checked
  • Wheel alignment
  • Check condition and security of all suspension components
  • Check condition and security of all steering components
  • Check all wheel bearings for rotational noise and free play
  • Check drivehsafts, propshafts & CV gaiters
  • Check front brakes for condition, operation and wear
  • Check rear brakes for condition, operation and wear, remove drums if fitted
  • Check all brake lines, flexible hoses and callipers for condition, leaks and security
  • Check handbrake / park brake cables
  • Check engine and gearbox mounts for wear
  • Visual check for engine oil leaks
  • Visual check for gearbox oil leaks
  • Visual check for coolant leaks
  • Check exhaust system for leaks, security and noise
  • Check fuel system for leaks, corrosion and security
  • Check vehicle chassis and structure for corrosion
  • Drain engine oil / renew engine oil
  • Renew engine oil filter
  • Reset service light
  • Stamp service book
  • Torque road wheels and record torque settings
  • Placed locking wheel nut back in the vehicle
  • Carry out road test



Service Includes:

  • Everything in an Interim Service
  • Replace engine air filter
  • Check spark plug service history & replace if required and intervals (petrol models only)
  • Replace cabin filter if fitted
  • Replace fuel filter if fitted
  • Check gearbox oil service history and intervals
  • Remove all four wheels

Your Daewoo Warranty is Safe at Whites of Lincoln

If your Daewoo is still under warranty and you’re concerned that having it serviced at an independent garage will nullify the warranty, please be reassured that that is not the case.

Bring your Daewoo into Whites of Lincoln for its next service and we’ll service it just as they would at the dealership, adhering to the Daewoo servicing specifications for your vehicle so that your warranty will remain completely unaffected.

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